Renowned for their commitment to excellence, quality and passion for tailoring handcraft, Manna Brothers founded their Atelier in 1978, dedicating their life, since their youth, to bespoke high fashion, a kind of work that made them famous all over the world. The heirs of the great Neapolitan tradition, they have been serving style and elegance with their experience and virtuosity. Since then, they had the chance to dress on many international important people, thanks to their growing ability to make the best clothes such as artworks, confirming their attention to client's attitudes and the constant search of innovation and refinement.
The story continues in these years with Fabio, Raffele's son, a fine manager, graduated at the Academy of Fashion, actually and naturally fond of fabrics and the elegance of this refined art. He has combined his father heritage to his talent, creating an unique and stylish tailor shop. Knowledge, inspiration and innovation are the main attitudes of Manna Tailoring, characteristics that make it the symbol of Neapolitan pride and success.

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